Business Resources

We are here to help you succeed!

Whether you are an existing Jones County business, or a business considering relocation or expansion in Jones County, let us introduce you to the ways we can help:

Workforce Assistance

Kirkwood Community College’s Skills to Employment and The Workplace Learning Connection are just two initiatives aimed at bringing you quality employees. Additionally the Kirkwood-Jones Regional Education Center with its career academies ensures high school students gain skills to meet local employer’s needs.

Financial Incentives

Growing your business and looking for help? Let us help you find the appropriate funding sources through local and State programs, tax incentives or job training resources.

Entrepreneurs, we want to help YOU!

First Time Entrepreneur? Contact Us today and we can start helping you make that great idea into a reality. Everything from finding the right location for your idea, going through the proper channels to get your idea to market, making the right connections with other locals who can help you, and filling out all of the necessary paperwork to make your new business legitimate and prosperous.

Already an Entrepreneur and looking to Grow? We’ve been working with people like you for a long time and our business partners are anxious to help you grow your business. Many of our affiliates have been JUST where you are and many of those affiliates really enjoy helping new entrepreneurs. With that kind of experience helping you, we have the perfect area to foster your growth. Contact Us today so we can get started.

Successful Entrepreneur? Look no further. Jones County has a great market, great communities, affordable and skilled workers, and all of the ingredients to house your next entrepreneurial venture. Please Contact Us so we can begin to show you all of the things that make our area the perfect place for your next entrepreneurial adventure!